The Second Largest Darknet Marketplace “Nucleus Market”

Nucleus Market, online now since November 24, 2014, is one of the largest darknet markets on the dark web. With over 30,000 current listings, you can buy almost anything you like through Nucleus Market. The market is a place for buyers and sellers to trade in mainly illicit products and services, although there are plenty of non-illicit listings, too.

Current items listed on Nucleus Market range from “3,000 backlinks to improve Google rankings and traffic”, to a “Swedish Drivers License,” to an “Invisible Wireless Spy Earphone,” to “Peruvian ultra clean cocaine”.

Darknet Markets

Darknet markets are websites available on the dark web that exist as a trading place for various goods and services. The dark web is only accessible via the Tor browser and each website has a strange looking .onion suffixed address instead of the usual .com, .net, .org, etc. suffix. These online marketplaces are generally black markets, with the same sort of goods and services you’d find in real life black market trades, but simply in an online setting.

Darknet markets come and go, as law enforcement is constantly trying to shut them down and bring the administrators of the sites to justice. You can expect that there will be undercover law enforcement officers on the darknet markets, although they are typically looking to bust either the admins, or sellers that shift large amounts of high quality products.

Nucleus Market

Nucleus Market is currently the second largest darknet market in the world. The market has been building steadily since the fall of the Evolution marketplace in March of 2015. The majority of items available on Nucleus come under the banner of drugs, but there are various other categories to browse through too, where you can purchase Netflix accounts, counterfeit currency, guides to credit card scamming and more.

There are also legal goods and services that you can purchase on the Nucleus Market; however, the majority of things for sale are either flat out illegal, or controlled. Before making any purchases, check with your local laws to see what is applicable in your region, and always know your rights should law enforcement come knocking on your door.

Monetary exchange system

Nucleus operates under the standard escrow system, whereby monies are held by the marketplace until completion of the transaction. When a buyer pays for an item, the Nucleus Market holds the money until the buyer receives the item, at which point the funds are released to the seller.

There is also the option for sales to be completed as “Finalize Early,” or FE, which means the money goes directly to the seller instead of being held by the marketplace. Be wary of these sort of sales, as it can be an easy way for buyers to get their money taken, and receive nothing in return.

Seller rating system

Like other darknet markets, sellers all have their feedback publicly listed – with an out of five star rating, along with total number of feedbacks. Each customer is able to provide a short description of their experience with each seller in the feedback system, which is useful for potential buyers to browse through to get a feel for the seller and their products.

Nucleus Market wallet

Buyers and sellers can keep their funds in their Nucleus wallets, although it is generally better to withdraw them as soon as possible to prevent the chance of theft. There have been many occurrences of “exit scams” where a darknet market suddenly goes offline and all the Bitcoins in users’ accounts get stolen. There have also been accusations of site administrators or even hackers getting in to accounts and siphoning the Bitcoin into their own external accounts. It is best to never store large amounts of currency in any marketplace or cryptocurrency “bank” to prevent these sort of occurrences happening to you.

Scammers on Nucleus Market

And you thought scammers on the Clearnet were bad! Because of the nature of the beast, there are many, many scams operating on the darknet markets, and Nucleus is no exception. Always be careful of phishing scams (that is, clicking on unverified links), sellers or buyers with zero feedback, sending large amounts of money to anyone you haven’t built up a relationship with, and be sure to look up all usernames in the forums, and in the associated subreddit to ensure there aren’t any warnings out for them.

User reviews

Nucleus Market has had mixed reviews from buyers and sellers. Of course, there are people that have a bad experience with a marketplace by getting scammed that may skew results. The customer service at Nucleus will respond to any allegations of scamming, all you have to do is ask.

The market can suffer from delays when withdrawing funds from your marketplace wallet and some sellers have complained about being logged out of their accounts. Funds have also been known to mysteriously disappear. The site was suffering from various “odd” issues in late December, 2015, although the problems plaguing the website seem to have been ironed out – at least for now. The site was taken down for some time, and has a 95% uptime overall.

Accepted currencies

Nucleus stands out from the competition because, along with Bitcoin, it also accepts transactions in both Darkcoin and Litecoin, other alternative cryptocurrencies. These other cryptocurrencies aren’t as unstable as Bitcoin, for the most part, which can make trading in them a little easier. If you’re looking at getting into an alternative cryptocurrency to Bitcoin, why not try Darkcoin or Litecoin?

The Nucleus Market carries a huge range of goods and services, and you’re likely to have a good experience on it if you keep your wits about you. If you’re a first time user ensure you read all the safety tips about going on the darknet markets before you dive in. If you’re dealing with the online black markets then security is no joke, and if you’re not careful, you will get scammed. With the right safety precautions in place you will have a better line of defense against hackers, scammers, and being traced.