The Nucleus Market User Guide

Ready to get started with the Nucleus Market? Well then you’ve come to the right place. In this article you will find out everything you need to know about how to access the Nucleus Market, how to sign up for a user account, how to add funds to your Nucleus Market account, how to protect yourself while trading on the market, how to buy from Nucleus Market and more.

ATTENTION: In April of 2016 Nucleus Market did an Exit Scam and took every ones Bitcoins. 
The best alternative market in my opinion is Dream Market, it has been around the longest and has an awesome reputation. They have a large selection of goods so you wont be disappointed.

You can find more about Dream Market here


In the following steps we outline the most secure way to sign up and get started with the Nucleus Market.

I also want you to know that we are not affiliated with Nucleus Market in any way, we do not condone or encourage any illegal activity, this is just educational information that you can find in a number of different places but we have just combined it all together in one guide and added the best tips to remain anonymous. Be warned: the use of drugs is dangerous, it may cause health issues and even death. Buying and selling most of the goods on Nucleus Market is illegal in most countries, if you do buy or sell illegal goods it can land you in jail. We do not condone any of this behavior but there is no harm in taking a look at what is going on in the new real world of darknet markets.

The steps I go through might take a little while to complete, but your security and privacy should always be of the utmost importance when accessing darknet markets. If you do not take your security and privacy seriously you will leave yourself open to fraud, theft, blackmail and the possibility of being charged with criminal activity. Your online security when accessing darknet markets is no joke.

And with our security warning over, let’s get started…

Setting up your Nucleus

1. Obtain a VPN. Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) will massively decrease the chance of your Internet traffic being logged and your location being traced. You can find the best VPN’s here. The VPN you get should use a minimum of 128-bit encryption, preferably 256-bit encryption, and check that the service doesn’t keep logs! This is a must for a more secure connection to the Nucleus Market. You cannot rely only on Tor anymore to remain anonymous on the dark web, the government agencies now have ways to find your identity while on darknet markets but with a VPN it makes it almost impossible for this to happen. You may think that you don’t need this but you could not be more wrong, a VPN is something the smart deep web users have on at all times and a VPN is something that all of those people that get busted wish they had spent $5 on, the problem is you never realize how bad you need it until you are already busted.

You can find a good VPN here:

2. Turn on your VPN and turn off all programs accessing the internet in the background like skype, google drive, drop box etc.

3. Download Tor Browser. This is the only browser you can access Nucleus Market with.


Download from here:

4. Click on the installer to install Tor.

5. Use your regular browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and create a Bitcoin wallet, via one of the many online services.

You can find out here:

(These bitcoin instructions are for those interested in maximum anonymity. If you are not that concerned about it then don’t worry about steps 9 to 14).

6. Create a bitcoin wallet. You will need to set up an initial Bitcoin wallet to start with. There are a multitude of wallet services available to choose from, so have a browse around. I personally recommend MultiBit as it is light weight so it doesn’t use many resources and you can store it on your USB drive. Make sure your VPN is on when doing all of these steps.

Choose a bitcoin wallet here:

7. You will now need to purchase a certain amount of Bitcoin to start with. Make sure that it will be enough to fund the purchase that you want to make. There are multiple services through which you can buy your Bitcoin. This includes online Bitcoin exchanges, in person Bitcoin meetups, and various Bitcoin ATMs dotted throughout the world. You will need to send this Bitcoin through to your Bitcoin wallet via the method outlined in the given purchasing service. You can use:




8. Send your purchased bitcoins to your bitcoin wallet.

9. Open up the Tor browser.

10. Create a new Bitcoin wallet again.

11. Send your Bitcoins from the first Bitcoin wallet to the new Bitcoin wallet.

12. Create another Bitcoin wallet.

13. Find a good Bitcoin mixer/tumbler and link it to this third wallet’s address. In the mixer, set it to use multiple addresses, and add in time delays at random intervals. This service jumbles up your Bitcoin, so people can’t decipher the originator and will prevent your Bitcoins being traced.

14. Send the Bitcoins from the second wallet to the address that the mixer defined for you (for the third wallet).

15. Open up Tor and browse to Nucleus Market’s .onion address. Be sure to use the correct address as there are many phishing sites out there! (This URL will not work in any other browser other than Tor)

Nucleus URL: http://z34uj4opd3tejafn.onion/

16. Create a new Nucleus Market account. You will need to think of a username, password, and PIN number. Make sure that you don’t use this username, password, or PIN – or anything similar – anywhere else, as this can trace your Nucleus Market account back to you. Make the details completely random. I use KeePass to store all of my account information and generate my passwords. It is a free app that you can keep on a USB key so that no one else can have access to it. NEVER use online account/password storage. The government would have back doors into these programs so you may aas well not even hide.

KeePass website: http:http//

17. Log in to Nucleus Market using your new account details.


You will now enter the Nucleus Market dashboard. There is an icon bar down the left hand side, followed by market categories bar, and in the middle of the page you will have the Nucleus Market news and updates.

The icon bar provides access to User Account, Categories, Shopping Cart, Orders, Private Messages, Favorites, Settings, Support, Forum and Logout.

You can have a browse around and look at the items that you’d like to purchase. You can find and click on the market categories including drugs, guides and tutorials, digital goods, and electronics. Each category may have further subcategories within it too.

Find an item or items that you are interested in purchasing and then it’s time to do some vendor evaluation.

To make a purchase (legal goods)


1. Browse around the categories and see what you would like to purchase – and the price.

2. Check feedback to ensure the seller is a trusted user. Vendors have associated ratings based on their feedback scores, much like eBay. A good rating with a high amount of orders completed will likely indicate high quality goods or services, and quick communication and shipping. You should also do a quick forum search to ensure that the vendor’s name doesn’t come up in any posts like, “BEWARE, SCAM”!


If the vendor you have chosen for your items passes this test, you should be relatively safe.

3. Click Buy It Now to add to your shopping cart.

4. Select BTC at the top left of the window.

5. Select Deposit.

6. Select Create deposit address and note down the address.

7. Transfer the necessary amount of Bitcoins needed for your purchase from your third Bitcoin wallet to the address created by Nucleus Market.

8. Wait until the funds go through.

9. Select your Shopping Cart.

10. Click on Continue, where you will then need to fill in the address to send to (and make sure to encrypt it using the seller’s public PGP key, PGP details are detailed below), the escrow mode chosen (FE or Finalize Early sends Bitcoin straight away, whereas Escrow holds the funds until delivery has occurred), and then place your order!

Only use FE if you trust the seller or don’t mind potentially losing your funds!) Then simply place your order and your transaction is complete!

A PGP private and public key

PGP keys are the basis on which you can do secure business between a buyer and a seller on Nucleus Market. You need to use PGP keys to encrypt the data (messages) going across the network so that only you and your seller can access it, and no one else can decipher the contents of your messages, which may include things such as your postal address to send goods to.

You will each have a PGP public key and a PGP private key. When a seller is sending you a message, they will use your public key to encrypt the data. When you finally read the message, you will use your private key to unlock it.

There are plenty of good PGP programs to download and use available on the web.

If you are unsure how to encrypt your address, go to GnuPG and download the PGP software to encrypt your messages, also read the instructions on the site on how to use it.

GnuPG Website:

How to Guide:

This encryption is essential for hiding your details.

Be careful when choosing your escrow mode on the market. If you choose to Finalize Early with an untrusted seller, you leave yourself open to Bitcoin theft. They can simply take your money and never send a product. Try to choose sellers who use the escrow method – which means that your funds are held by the Nucleus Market until you receive your package or service.

Always read seller feedback and have a search around online forums for any complaints about their services before making a purchase. A good, trusted seller will have a high amount of positive feedback and perhaps references online to the high quality of their products. Poor sellers will have limited or bad feedback, and may have scam alerts out on the internet warning of bad behavior.

You might also like to be wary of any seller’s account that has a significant amount of time between feedbacks, or a “holiday period.” In cases, this has been indicative of periods when law enforcement officers seize legitimate sellers’ accounts and start imitating them online to catch other people out.

To set up a seller account

Want to sell goods on the Nucleus Market site? Here’s how to set up your seller’s account. Make sure that you’ve already registered and logged in to the marketplace by following the above steps first.

1. Select the User Account settings by clicking the person icon on the left hand task bar in the Nucleus Market page.

2. Select Become a seller in the task bar that pops up on the left.

3. The become a seller page will open. You have the option to become either a Full Seller, or a Verified Seller. Each type of seller account charges a 4% fee on all transactions. The Full Seller account does not allow FE sales, and the cost of opening an account is $250 USD. A Verified Account allows Finalize Early sales and has no cost associated with opening the account. To open a Verified Seller account, you must have had an Agora or Evo (both extinct darknet markets) account and profile the URL to your previous profile. Use the radio selection button to choose whether you will be a Full Seller or a Verified Seller.

4. If you have chosen to become a Full Seller, you will need to have at least $250 USD worth of Bitcoins in your account to create your seller’s account. At the time of writing, this is 0.6157BTC.

5. Read the seller’s terms carefully before accepting them. These terms include, but are not limited to, agreeing not to sell child pornography, agreeing not to save any of your customers’ personal data, agreeing not to sell assassination services, and agreeing not to threaten or blackmail your customers.

6. Click the blue Accept button at the bottom of the page after agreeing with the terms.

7. You now have your seller’s account! You can get started by adding items to your inventory. Make sure that each is exactly as it is described.

When trading on the Nucleus Market, both buyers and sellers must be extremely wary of scams to steal accounts and Bitcoins. Never click through to any links in private messages that have been sent from untrusted sources. There are people out there who create profiles with names such as “NucleusMarketHelpline” who then send messages to others suggesting that the Nucleus Market is unstable, and that a new version is available at somephishinglink.onion. “Logging in” on the new link will pass your account name and password directly to these fraudsters. Don’t be caught out!

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We hope that we’ve covered all the basics on how to get started with the Nucleus Market, how to make a first purchase, and how to set up your seller’s account.

Always be wary of deals that seem too good to be true, or new sellers to the market. Security should always be utmost in your mind. Without strict security practices in place you are likely to become one of the dark web’s many victims of fraud, identity theft, or blackmail – or even get caught in a tangled web by law enforcement officers. So be careful out there! And good luck on Nucleus Market and the dark web!