Nucleus Market User Got Some Free Drugs

A reddit user by the name of Sniperman posted 2 weeks ago on his account that he obtained drugs from Nucleus Market for free. According to his statement, he had placed the order normally. A few days later he received the package but upon finalizing his Nucleus Market transaction, the order was gone and the money had been returned back to him.


Furthermore, the vendor hasn’t been online since that incident happened and now it seems like his account has been deleted as well. However, it seems like he’s not alone since there is another user who also had this odd experience. One by the name of “stilldogman” said he underwent the same experience and even messaged his dealer, all in vain since there was no response. The dealer instead took down all listings and has even refused to log in. Following his Nucleus Market encounter, Sniperman tried placing the same order again just to be sure that the seller got his dues since he felt sorry for him. He was just about to finalize the process and send him a message but the seller did not log back in, and the order was been canceled.

On another instance recently, another user complained on a different thread that he faced some issues on his Nucleus Market account.Using a deposit address which he has used in the past, the individual made purchases online with a dealer; blockchain showed he had over 50 confirmations, but nothing showing up on the incomes table. Every time he deposited money in the past it would show up in his account pretty quickly, up until now when he’s encountering such problems for the first time. He finished by asking other Nucleus Market users whether it was prudent for him to send a ticket to support staff, of which another person answered that he was still waiting for his query to be responded to by admin.“Hopefully it’s random maintenance downtime,” another user said.

Nucleus Market


The popular darknet site gained popularity after the shutdown of Evolution; it has a slick modern interface that’s quite reminiscent of the latter. Nucleus Market left beta and went live online since 2014, initially without accepting escrow payments though that later changed. Today it’s recognized as one of the largest darknet sites with an active clientele base.

Darknet markets operate in a similar way to the black market, the only difference being that they are found online as opposed to physical locations. They can be accessed by anybody who has some background knowledge on how to useThe Onion Router (Tor) software, as well as some Internet connection. Nevertheless, there are certain security checks that subscribers should meet first before being accepted onto the platform. Darknet sites like Nucleus Market are increasingly becoming volatileas authorities stepped up their efforts towards ensuring such marketplaces are closed down.

Nucleus Market is one of the popular marketplaces on the dark web. Thesite allows people to use various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Darkcoin, and Litecoin,as accepted forms of exchange. This makes purchase of goods a little bit easier as well as safer for dealers. However, individuals must still be wary about scams and phishing techniques employed by cybercriminals who are active on the platform. Most products being sold on Nucleus Market are illegal drugs, though there are other categories as well. Various offerings have been listed such as guides to scamming/hacking, stolen accounts, fake money and so much more.

The whole transaction system is based on a feedback routine, where ratings are given for each dealer or seller based on the ease of doing business with them. Clients can also post short statements next to the vendor’s profile summarizing their general experience working with them.