Nucleus Market: Features And Products

The Nucleus Market is big. So big in fact, that it is the second largest market on the dark web! It’s grown so large based on a number of factors: the downfall of certain other large markets, a trust in the people who buy and sell online, the range available on the site, and the security features in place to ensure smooth sailing for its customers.

w_500The Nucleus Market, one of the clusters of online black markets spawned in the wake of Silk Road, is accessible only on the hidden web via the Tor browser. It requires serious security considerations to protect your identity before jumping into buying and selling. You’ll also need to equip yourself with an amount of cryptocurrency if you’re planning on doing any buying online too.

So what’s so great about the Nucleus Market? And what sort of goodies can you buy and sell through it? Today we take a deeper look into the inner workings of the Nucleus Market.

Nucleus Market features:

Escrow monetary system

The escrow system is put in place to ensure protection for both buyers and sellers when completing transactions. When a purchase is made by a buyer, the Nucleus Market will keep this money (in escrow) until said buyer receives their goods for which they’ve paid for. When they receive the goods, the funds will then be released out to the seller’s account.

Selling ratings

With each completed purchase, a buyer gets to rate the seller on the overall experience of dealing with them. The buyer gets to rate them out of five stars which may take into account speed of delivery, stealth of package, quality of product, communication skills, etc. So if a seller has had two buyers rating them and one rates the seller zero stars, and the other one rates the seller five stars, the seller’s overall feedback score will be two and a half stars.

Currencies accepted

The Nucleus Market distinguishes itself from the competition by having two alternatives to Bitcoin available to do business in. The trading platform accepts Bitcoin, but also Darkcoin and Litecoin, which will be handy for some customers.

PGP 2 factor authentication

The site uses 2-factor authentication with PGP keys. This ensures the security of your Nucleus Market account. If anyone manages to obtain your username and password, without your private PGP key they will not be able to extract monies make purchases with your account.

Nucleus Market categories:


Just what the name suggests, this category is home to over two-thirds of all the Nucleus Market items and has various drugs listed. The field is broken up into sub-categories such as Benzos, Cannabis, Prescription, and Steroids, and you can find various quantities of each.

Fraud related

This category contains things like documents (driver’s licenses, passports, etc.), user accounts (like Netflix, PayPal, Spotify), and credit cards.

Guides & tutorials

This category is handy for those wanting to learn a little bit more about things like lock picking, hacking, drug synthesis, how to get free gift cards, how to boost your credit score and more.


The service category includes hacking, ID related services, and PayPal tricks.


Counterfeit watches, electronics, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada bags, and yes, even fake bank notes are what you will find here.

Digital goods

Digital goods contain items like online accounts, e-books and software hacks and cracks.

Drug paraphernalia

Drug paraphernalia is everything associated with drugs that aren’t the actual substances themselves. Think items like glass pipes, plastic baggies, grinders, test kits, stash boxes, and vapes.


Here you can find scales, anonymous SIM cards, stun guns, network jammers, spy cameras, and other electronic devices not generally seen on the Clearnet.


This category offers various online porn site accounts for sale.


Find all your counterfeit jewellery in this category. All the big brands are represented: Cartier, Bvlgari, Gucci… Alongside jewellery you’ll find watches, bags, sunglasses, and belts, too.

Lab supplies

Choose from a small range of chemicals for your lab.


The Miscellaneous category contains a wide range of odds and ends that don’t really fit into any other category. Examples of items in here are a clothing tag remover, express shipping add ons, foil pouches, knuckle dusters, and knives.

hand choosing shopping cart symbol from media icons on blue

We hope we’ve given you a little bit of an insight in just what the Nucleus Market is about. Why not check it out for yourself and have a browse around? Remember to always check local laws and what your rights are in your region before buying or selling anything on the dark web markets.