Digital Currencies Used By Nucleus Market

On the deep web, when it comes to currencies, Bitcoin (BTC) is king. The online cryptocurrency is now filtering across to transactions conducted everywhere, from the folks at Dell, all the way down to your local coffee shop. But what about those people that prefer a different currency? BTC is known for being very volatile – which can make it a difficult currency to work with.

Nucleus Market stands out from its dark web competitors by offering multiple currency types for payment. No, we’re not talking USD or EUR, we’re talking different cryptocurrencies. And while most darknet markets only offer transactions in Bitcoin, the Nucleus Market has diversified, and offers no less than three different options for their customers.

Bitcoin is known for its instability, and although we don’t usually have the wild fluctuations of years gone past, it may present a less stable currency to invest your hard earned cash in. This is why Nucleus Market gives other cryptocurrency payment options: for those people that are interested in alternative forms of payment that they may feel are more stable, or more secure.

When shopping using Nucleus Market, here are the three options that you have available.


Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency in use currently in the world today. It was invented in 2008 and is a peer-to-peer system with all transactions made public and available to browse in the block chain. Due to the massive uptake of Bitcoin, most online marketplaces use the currency as their only form of payment. There will only ever be 41 million Bitcoins produced, and there are now Bitcoin ATMs cropping up around the world where you can both buy Bitcoins and exchange them for cash.

Digital Currencies Used By Nucleus Market

At the time of printing, 1BTC is worth $436.27USD. The price has fallen from late 2013 and early 2014, when it was around double this, however there have been fluctuations through this period until now.


Litecoin (LTC) is another cryptocurrency that is virtually identical in the way that it operates as Bitcoin. The currency is the third most used cryptocurrency available in the world today. Litecoin has quicker transaction confirmations than Bitcoin, and there will be double the amount more Litecoins produced than Bitcoins throughout its lifetime. Although at one time the opportunity for mining Litecoins was much better than it was for Bitcoins, unfortunately this is no longer the case for individuals.

litecoin 123

1LTC is currently valued at $3.18USD. It peaked in around January of 2014 at about $26USD; however, the current rate has been mainly steady for around a year.

DarkCoin aka Dash

Dash (DASH), which was also known by Darkcoin and XCoin is another cryptocurrency used on the deep web. The name comes from the amalgamation of Digital and Cash. The currency was designed to be a more private form of cryptocurrency than its other stablemates. It’s aimed to be like cash, but in a digital form. Dash is designed to be instantaneous, by using InstantX, secure, with advanced encryption methods, and private, by using Darksend. It’s not as big a cryptocurrency as Bitcoin and Litecoin, but the currency benefits from an involved production team.

Presently, 1DASH is worth $4.01USD. The coin reached a high of around triple this in July 2014, but has been fairly steady at its current rate ever since.

We all love having options when using the checkout at the shops – cash, credit card, or debit – so why should shopping on the dark web be any different? Nucleus Market stand out from the competition by offering their customers not one but three different types of payment methods when buying. The Nucleus Market choices not only encourage alternative coins apart from Bitcoin, but also help keep these competitors afloat.


It’s important to have diversity in the market, as it diminishes a reliance on one single service, where there may be a point of failure. If you currently own all three types of currency and the price of Bitcoin falls, while Litecoin stays steady, then you can happily purchase items on the Nucleus Market using your Litecoin instead, without grumbling about how much extra it will cost you.

If you are looking to purchase via the darknet markets, why not diversify your cryptocurrency holdings? There is no reason to simply have your money in Bitcoin when you have the option to diversify and protect future purchases from inflation. Litecoin and Dash offer viable and more stable currencies to investigate. When shopping with the Nucleus Market you can be assured that you have options when paying to use all three cryptocurrencies.